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Harry and Rika have been together now for more than 40 years. They both have their own way of life.  Harry concentrating mainly on his role as director-of-operations and business advisor. Rika on the other hand, made her carrier as a company social worker. Together they share passions.  They love the great outdoors, mountain hikes and crossing glaciers.  Cycling, walking, photography and filming.  All of these activities coming in very handy during their many visits to Alaska. At the same time, Harry and Rika are very concerned about nature’s vulnerability.  The vision of how nature is being managed and mans need to push forward raises in them a lot of questions!

Who is Harry …
Dear all, I am a real get-up-and-go person who, after an active career as manager, firstly by Fokker and then from 1990 by Hunter Douglas, alternates, every now and then, my busy schedule with an immersion into the abandonment and silence of nature, or the conquering of the mountain slopes, that to me once again showed evidence of the silence and pureness of nature.

Wie is Harry…..
Beste mensen, ik ben een echte baby boomer die na mijn actieve loopbaan als manager eerst bij Fokker en vanaf 1990 bij Hunter Douglas mijn zeer drukke werkzaamheden kortstondig afwisselde met een onderdompeling in verlaten en verstilde natuur of het overmeesteren van de berghellingen die voor mij opnieuw een bewijs waren van stilte en ongereptheid.

After I stopped working as a manager I kept myself busy by actively supervising companies or agencies and in between time swapping these activities with a long stay in nature’s wilderness.

After wondering about, Rika and I landed in Alaska.  There we found a wilderness that exceeded all other experiences.  These experiences were so unusual that we will be reliving them again in the Spring and Autumn for 6 weeks. Afterwards, I will fly back on my own to pick up once again my always busy schedule. My stay in this immense untouched land has given me so much energy that I feel like a young pup again ready to take on the whole world.

Of course, I want to pass on these wonders of nature and the wilderness to my family, relations and to you in particular.  I do that by taking photos that show our own personal experiences. I write journals about it and have even published a book this year setting out our experiences with “bear watching”.

My travelogues still have to be produced, and I even have a bundle of poems about nature in my diary, together with accompanying photos, which still have to be worked on so that I can put them on the site and also include them in a book.

We are continuously being asked if we could give presentations. We give presentations that are made up of Rika’s films and of the photo series which I have produced. Of course a presentation such as this always begins with a short introduction of the impressions which we are going to show.

Through our Website, we want to share our experiences with you by letting you actually feel as if you yourself are there, enjoying the special areas and the quietness and rest which nature has to offer.

Enjoy your travels through our Website.

and Rika ……
When I was 22 years of age, after growing up, learning and working in Amsterdam, I chose to share my life with Harry.  After the birth of our son, I decided to stop working.  Besides bringing up our son Jasper, I put a lot of energy into voluntary work. I even started, as preparation for my re-entering the employment market, with a new educational project.

When Jasper went to secondary school, I started working again.  For 17 years I thoroughly enjoyed working as a social worker with a big Contract Caterer.

In the mid 90’s I began being interested in filming. This in conjunction with our trip to the US, travelling through the major nature parks. I am a real perfectionist so filming had to be perfect as well and, so I became a member of video clubs.

At the end of my career as a Social Worker I started getting myself more and more into filming.  I attended various courses and trainings such as:

The Camjo Training (Camera-Journalist) in the Open Studio in Amsterdam, Course on the making of Documentaries, Course on the making of Coverage’s and editing in Adobe Premier C.S.

Since 2005, Harry and I travel to Alaska during the months April / May for approximately 6 weeks. After six weeks I go my own way.  In our camper I travel to the farthest corners of Canada or I select a very unusual nature reserve in Alaska. Being alone in the unspoilt nature, enjoying the silence which it brings, but especially the filming and the interviewing are to me priority number one.

In August I am glad to see Harry back in Anchorage.

Our visits to Kodiak Island in the Autumn have been in our Agenda for years. On arrival, a Bush Hawk will fly us into the wilderness and we will be staying amongst the biggest bears of the world: the Kodiak bears.

Coming home after such a trip needs a bit of getting use to, but after a while I feel at home again in Holland during the winter months. Its time then to contact family and friends, and I especially keep myself busy with editing.

On request, I prepare documentaries of unusual happenings, short coverage’s, personal portraits, or I produce, also on request, strips about personal autobiographies.

The filming was carried out with the Sony HVR-Z7E and for the more intensive field works the smaller Sony camera HDR-HC1E.  It’s all HDV quality.

For further information you can always contact us via our Website.

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2 gedachten over “Who are we

  1. nick koza

    Just looking at your photos and accounts. Very nice photos of mc kinley and birds.

    Was wondering if you can recommend or suggest a air taxi that is reasonable in price to fly me and my wife from Kodiak city to North Lake Frazer Cabin. I hope you have been there. Since I may have other questions if that is OK.

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
    Nick Koza

  2. Barb Cave

    So enjoyed meeting you at the camper park in Anchorage…what a life you have had and such love for the outdoors and of Alaska…very inspiring! Your travelogues and pictures are wonderful…nice site.

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