Welcome to Harry and Rika Houthuijsens website.

Cl up Harry achter cameraFor years now we have been particularly interested in nature and mountain areas. These two elements always receive first priority when we plan our holiday destinations. We have travelled over most of the Western European mountainous areas.

Rika achter tele  camera

We first discovered Alaska in 2001.  Since then this land has become our passion.  We are fascinated by the broadness of the landscape, the untouched wilderness, the extreme weather conditions, the vastness of the glaciers and the diversity in the animal kingdom. Every year we travel for a few months, both in spring and autumn, through this impressive country. Through our website we want to give you an impression of the greatness of this country and the impact it has on us.

You can join us on our travels by just clicking on our Travel Journals and the linked photo coverage’s.  You can also go via the photo coverage’s to the attached Travel Journals.

From October to April we organize group presentations. Our travelling coverage’s are accompanied by HD quality films and photo series that allow you to see the splendid nature and wilderness of Alaska.  If you are interested in a presentation, please do not hesitate to let us know.

If you wish to experience Alaska at first hand by enjoying it with your own eyes and you have the need for a personal travel advice, then we can always work something out. We can assist you with your travel arrangements.  Send us an e-mail via our contact details and we will, for an amicable price, help you where necessary.

Our business is called ALASKA WOODHOUSE Production, a name that you will surely come across on the Website.

We hope that you enjoy looking at our Travel Journals and photo coverage’s and hope that we were able to pass on to you the Alaska feeling.

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